November 14, 2013

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Teamwork & Dedication

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Our Philosophy

At PMSI our principles are predicated on personal integrity and our commitment to both our clients and our team. Our associates are our unquestionable strength and are continually encouraged to maximize their potential. We share a core belief that through a dedicated and sincere commitment to our partners’ success may we achieve personal and professional success for our colleagues. We foster a challenging and nurturing business environment where we leverage our intellectual capital and mutual respect to achieve the highest of standards.

Our leadership has maintained a long history of giving back by contributing at least 10% of our pre-tax earnings to the less fortunate. The greatest reward for our success is being able to give back to those in need and we focus this on supporting various non-profit organizations both globally and locally. As a team, we value the reinvestment in our communities and our associates also participate in a variety of local service activities as well.

Giving Back

Corporate History

Preferred Mortgage Services, Inc. was founded in 2000 by Romalene Tolentino with the vision and core beliefs that Investor Reporting and Accounting was underserved and prime for a transformation. PMSI quickly emerged as a preferred and trusted partner in a number of the top mortgage servicing organizations across the industry. Increasing demand from core clients caused PMSI to expand its consulting, staffing and other professional services, and to eventually develop an proprietary expert system in 2008 to increase speed, consistency and productivity. In 2013, PMSI launched the mortgage servicing industry’s first exception based software platform for Investor Reporting and Account Reconciliation.

Here at PMSI, we are always looking for exceptional employees who are passionate and dedicated to their work and goal. Please feel free to visit our careers site to learn more about our open positions. We are looking forward to hearing from you.


About Our Partners

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Romalene Tolentino

Founded PMSI in 2000

Romalene has 20+ years of primary and master servicing experience spanning all facets of Investor Reporting, Accounting, and Special Loans. She is recognized as one of the mortgage industry’s leading experts in Investor Reporting and has successfully performed crisis management across the full spectrum of large and small mortgage servicers. Her extensive experience spans the disciplined environment required for GSE reporting and reconciliations to the most difficult loan structures and features in Private securities including, modification remediation, HELOC accounting and daily simple interest loans with odd due dates. Her intimate knowledge with Investor Reporting and Special Loans has enabled her to develop the complex business logic and algorithms necessary to fully automate the life of loan auditing of payment and rate change histories for even the most difficult loan structures.

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Daniel Thompson

Joined PMSI in 2008

Dan previously served in the capacity of a Managing Director at Countrywide, Credit Suisse, and GMAC-RFC in the areas of mortgage finance, mortgage operations, and mortgage servicing. He has held senior management positions with a broad span of control including risk management, technology, and operations. He is an accomplished industry innovator, having devised GMAC-RFC’s business strategy to enter the distressed assets and built their special servicing and subprime servicing capability de-novo. At Credit Suisse, he transformed their special servicing operation functioning on a limited technology platform into a fully integrated primary and special servicing platform, capable of supporting the full breadth of their conduit originations, spanning Alt-A, Sub Prime, Manufactured Housing, Second Liens and Distressed Loans. At Countrywide’s Correspondent Lending Division, he managed Products, Pricing, and Technology for the world’s largest and most efficient mortgage origination platform. Dan is a 1983 graduate of Princeton University.