March 7, 2016


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Our Professional Services team has solved some of the industry’s most complex and demanding investor reporting and reconciliation challenges. With our proven methods, we identify areas of vulnerability before they lead to serious problems. Our Subject Matter Experts take the time to understand our clients’ individual needs to help them communicate adjustments, implement new procedures and create long-lasting resolutions. Together we make it possible to achieve your best.

Who we service
  • Mortgage banks
  • Money center banks
  • Wall Street Firms
  • Thrifts
  • Credit Unions
Where we excel
  • Investor Reporting and Loan Accounting
  • Custodial and G/L Account Reconciliation
  • IR Audits and Audit Staff Training
  • Cut-Off Process Improvement
  • Servicer Oversight

Services Overview

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Cut-off Best Practices

We compare and adjust client’s current cut-off practices with our industry leading standards to complete their reporting, remittance, reconciliation and adjustments all within the 30-day cycle for each investor.

Exception Resolution

As a leading outsource provider, we have extensive hands-on experience supporting day-to-day operations and handling specific projects to reconcile and negotiate with investors and servicers in order to resolve transaction-level discrepancies.

Procedures & Controls Gap Analysis

We identify areas of vulnerability before they lead to serious problems and help you document and communicate new procedures and controls to mitigate losses and reputation risk.

System Optimization

Our standardized assessment methods identify MSP configuration and operational changes to improve system utilization, increase associate productivity and lower click charges.

Reconciliations Made Easy

With a detailed analysis of cash differences at the loan, pool and account levels, we facilitate root cause analysis, quantification of upstream contributing processes and permanent remediation of variances.

System Conversions

Our proven approach provides accountability for each servicing department, impacted vendors and IT to ensure that loans are not just boarded, but also attain 100% post-conversion serviceability.

Results Delivered

Our team and methodologies will improve your scorecard and peer group ranking within the first cycle, and deliver continuous improvement thereafter.

Training Programs & On-Site Services

Tailored to meet your specific needs, training programs are offered to both staff and managers to advance their depth of knowledge and enhance productivity. Our specialized staffing resources can augment your team to meet critical objectives without adding to your full-time payroll.

Our Experience

Our success stories extend across the industry with engagements spanning

  • Top 5 Servicers

  • Top 10 Agency Servicers

  • Fortune 10 Financial Services Companies

  • Investment Bank Servicing Subsidiaries

  • New GNMA Servicers

  • Offshore Servicing Operations