March 8, 2016


Lower your risk & Lower your costs

with our industry-leading Outsourcing Services

Best-Practices Outsourcing

Reduce overall cost & risk while improving overall quality of loan servicing

Achieve best-in-class performance by leveraging PMSI’s US-based outsourcing operation. Combine decades of our experience with our cutting-edge technology to reach your objectives quickly and cost-effectively. Lower your risk, lower your costs and achieve FNMA, FHLMC and GNMA #1 Scorecard rankings. We make it easy.

  • Investor Reporting
  • Loan Sales & Transfer
  • Investor Custodial Account Analysis
  • Oversight & Audit

The PMSI Difference

Delivering industry-leading results for industry-average costs


With insourcing, the most common solution typically falls short of capabilities; while quality resources are expensive, difficult to attract & retain.

Traditional Outsourcing

Traditional outsourcing is best suited for servicing platforms where business strategy is simple and all departments are controlled & stable.

PMSI Approach

The PMSI approach is designed from the ground up to minimize monetary & reputation risk, improve overall servicing processes and reduce costs.

Investor Reporting Routinized

Traditional 3 R’s of Investor Reporting
+ PMSI’s 4 R’s of Investor Reporting
Innovative Technology Platform and Data Content
  • Cutting-edge SaaS cloud technology, SSAE 16 certified
  • Highly scalable and rapidly deployable for dynamic servicing platforms
  • 1.7 terabytes of data provides amazing analytical opportunities
Veteran SME’s in IR / IA Space Since 2000
  • Successfully resolved largest most complex problems in the industry
  • No “How To Manual” so real time problem solving is a core competency
  • Years developing proprietary end to end techniques and controls to manage risk
  • Proven track record across all Investors

Key Outsource Differentiators

Technology, domain expertise, and disciplined framework

360° Content Repository

Comprehensive Centralized Repository Gives Complete End to End Perspective

  • Data stacked daily > 3 Years
  • Auto loading and validations
  • Security features allow greater MSR owner data access
  • 360° view of servicer and investor data



Disciplined Framework

Uniform – Results Driven Research and Issue Resolution Framework

  • Dynamic decision paths reinforce critical thinking & scenario training
  • Each decision path requires – Root Cause, Research & Resolution of Issue

Framework Generates Analyst and Management Hot Spot Identification

  • Loan & pool level issue resolution to prevent aging
  • Root cause trending permits permanent remediation

PMSI Methodology Results in Quality Loan Servicing Performance by Design

  • Process level visibility
  • Quantifiable impact
  • Economic impact in beta


Extensive Implementation of Domain Expertise via Rules and Stored Procedures

  • Auto portfolio and reconciliation balancing
  • Foundation for plug free environment
  • Transition & terminal event Meta Data
Q System Lines of Code Loading Logic
Data Mart      73,900 89% 11%
Modules      47,725 27% 73%
Total    121,625 65% 35%

Monthly Cut-Off Disciplines and Best Practices Check Lists

  • Pre cut-off preparation is routinized
  • Pre-closing review and adjustments review
  • Average 47 procedures monthly
  • Implement unique investor best practices across all investors